How to describe a hike

If you would like to contribute on hikes ideas, here a little guideline on the format we are using to  describe them. 

Reach the hike

Driving directions/public transport possibilities on how to reach the starting point of the hike.

When to go

Specify season if not accessible the whole year.

Type of hike

1-day loop, or multi-days (specify amount of days)

Elevation gain/loss

Elevation gain/loss for each single day of the hike. A elevation graph is the best!

Trail characteristics

Paved, gravel, rocks, steps... A description of the kind of trail that is present. Can a pushchair be taken for example?

Hiking time

The time it takes to walk back to the car in case of 1-day loops, or to the sleeping place (for multi-days. Hiking time does NOT include any kind of breaks, and it is considered given a easy steady walking speed.


A narrative description of the trail, with photos on the highlight!


Indicating starting/ending point, paths followed, and location of the pictures.

You can easily take a print-screen from openstreetmaps, and edit it in "Paint". You can even make your own track on openstreetmap and extract the elevation profile!


Useful links to topics discussed if available

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We will be very happy to put it on-line!