Infants & Climbing Dads

Infants and climbing dads

When I married Jeremy, it was pretty clear that rock climbing was going to be a big part of my life,,, and I said "Yes" to it... ;-)

With the addition of baby Rascal, things changed a little... .

For us, it was very easy in the first 3 months, as Rascal slept in the portable chair a lot, but with the arrival of Franken winter it became too cold for me to enjoy being out all day like that.

These are our key findings...


Keep him entertained

Often you have to walk a bit before reaching the wall, and weight does matter... Cannot bring too many toys? 

Nothing beats Mummy´s La Sportiva climbing shoes... they are colourful, have straps, rubber, light weight... 1 shoe will keep him busy enough to belay daddy on a project!


Keep him insulated


Doesn't matter if summer or winter, the rock always feels so humid and I do not like having him laying down on the floor. The portable inclined chair (picture above) always turned out to be a perfect solution! When too cold, I added my down jacket below, and I inserted Rascal in one of these push-chair sleeping bag. In summer I would use a sheep-skin.

Get a 3rd person

The winner. Go climbing with friends, or invite somebody to be with you. On our climbing holiday in Leonidio, Greece, we posted an announcement on workaway to find a baby-sitter that also liked climbing. In exchange for room and board. A win-win situation!


Find/make shade

I prefer avoiding covering my baby up with lots of sunscreen everyday, so my best advise is to have him wear proper clothing and find shade!

Bring some strings and cover to build your own shaded area if natural shade is not an option.


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