A hiking Hungarian in scenic Sweden
Mothers · 21. November 2021
Erika´s parents took her on many hiking adventures, despite the fact that outdoor gear was extremely hard to find, growing up in the comunist dictatorship of Romania. After she moved to Sweden, a country with a long tradition of outdoor life, she rediscovered her passion for the outdoors while studying to be a teacher. As she became a mother, she felt the responsibility of showing her son the wonders of the world: he is her inspiration that pushes her to explore even more!

"Out days outside": great  ideas to be outside with your kids!
Mothers · 12. March 2021
“Our Days Outside”: crafts, simple backyard play ideas, outdoor learning activities, and some tips and tricks learned along the way. Audrey, the author, described the motivation behind her work: "There are a lot of reasons for going outdoor can be difficult to overcome: lack of time, or safe play space, or just not knowing what to do or where to begin in the first place. The goal of the blog is to help other people find whatever they need in order to get their kids outside! "

The Italian mom promoting hiking with babies
Mothers · 01. March 2021
"In many countries taking your child on an excursion is part of the norm, almost a weekly event shared with family and friends. Here in Southern Italy it is quite different. When people see outdoor clothing combined with baby wraps, baby carriers or backpacks, they immediately think of foreigners on vacation. We do not have the culture of carrying the baby, nor of bringing the baby in nature. There is a lot of disinformation based on so many rumours, an old mentality, urban legends."

Finding motivation & 1000 hours outside: a Welsh story
Mothers · 06. January 2021
„If being outside has such a positive impact on me then it can only be good for my baby too?“ Nikki warmly describes how she kept the motivation to being amongst nature together with her newborn daughter, despite advices to take it easy and the uncertainty that current pandemic brought. She found a win-win situation when she joined the “1000 hours outside” project. Read her wonderful inspirational story here!

Preparation · 16. December 2020
How does a mother dress her babies to face winter in Alaska? Emily from @emily.pereira drives us, step by step, to the her solution to enjoy the outdoors even in the colder temperature! "If you wait for the weather to be perfect you would never get outside. Instead of letting the weather control our lives we simple dress for the weather."

Mothers · 22. September 2020
Where, when and how do you start “environmental education” with your children? One answer could be: Here, now and just go outside! Learn about Coyote teaching, CIPRA international and the importance of letting your kids learn about the environment...

Planning · 31. July 2020
"Are we there yet?". If you ever asked yourself this question during a short hike with your kids which turned out to be the journey of a lifestyle, this blog is for you. Find out how to realistically estimate hiking time with infants and toddlers.

Hiking · 23. July 2020
What is a child-led hike? A typical child-led hike starts at our hiking location of choice. We set the hiking rules, or expectations, with our children, which are that they stay in sight at all times, stop when asked, and (in this current time of pandemic) to move off the trail to give passing people appropriate space. Then we head off on our way!

Mothers · 14. July 2020
..."Motherhood comes with all sorts of challenges, and although we all know the challenges are worth it, we still need to do what we can to take care of ourselves. That saying that “you can’t pour from an empty cup” is just so true. Taking my son outdoors and sharing these experiences with him really does fill up my cup and allows me to be a better mom to him. If you’re sitting there wanting to do these types of activities with your kids, but don’t know where to start…"

Mothers · 06. May 2020
Tips from our pregnancies... and congratulations!!! ;.)

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