Preparation · 16. December 2020
How does a mother dress her babies to face winter in Alaska? Emily from @emily.pereira drives us, step by step, to the her solution to enjoy the outdoors even in the colder temperature! "If you wait for the weather to be perfect you would never get outside. Instead of letting the weather control our lives we simple dress for the weather."

Preparation · 19. September 2019
Hier you can find some useful tips for a day hike with an infant in the Carnic Alps. Intelligent equipment and the right handels

Preparation · 15. June 2019
Items to take on a 2 days hike with overnight in a served hut (with food and warm beds!)

Preparation · 15. December 2018
Organising a new group with parents and kids to go hiking? Here a suggestion on how to assess the group's overall capabilities.