I heard that before, but I needed to have my own child to fully understand what was meant by "forget about planning with a baby"... Read how our hikes turned out different to what we originally planned... still enjoyable, still a success, because our focus is not on the final destination, but on the journey. 



"Let's start with something easy" Barbara suggested; she was still settling down in her new role as a mom, and she didn't want to bother with cold or snowstorms or big elevation gain...

Little did we know about wild colourful Sardinia! 


Tales from our first "expedition" in Sardinia


October 3-10, 2018.

Moms: Stephany and Barbara

Kids: Johannes (almost 2 years old), Rascal (3 months)

Other: Rascal's dad Jeremy (official photographer)

3 hikes planned, only 1 completed. A world of fun, an island that was a constant surprise.

This was when the backpackingmoms website started taking shape...


Sardinia ...in general...


We had our first "backpacking moms-retreat" in Sardinia in October 2018 (Rascal was 3 months old then, Johannes 2 years old), with the idea of avoiding the snowy  mountaintops  of our Alps, and hiking easier paths with little elevation gain.

The truth is that Sardinia blew our minds. It is a continent by itself, stunning, a continuous surprise.

Hiking it s not much easier as we thought, and if you are planning multi-days treks you should contact locals ahead of time. Trails are not well signed and there are few rifugios or huts to spend the nights, 

Read on our blog post about our experience and find all the useful links we found...

We will be back!!!!


Süd-Tirol:  Torri del Vajolet

I did this hike when our Raffalo was 1 month old, spending the night in the serviced SAT hut Vajolet. It is a very easy, yet spectacular hike that takes you to the heart of the Dolomites. Great starting point for multi-days hikes. The hike to the rifugios is accessible to anyone, the last part of the hike is very steep.

You are above 2000 m a.s.l.: always keep an eye on your infant to see how he is adjusting to the height. Also, I would avoid the gondola with an infant (elevation gain too fast, make sure he can compensate his ears!). There is a shuttle bus service in case.


Time 1.5 hrs + 3 hrs Elevation gain  
Length   Elevation loss  
Highest point a.s.l.  2243 Public transport Navetta or Gondola
Sleeping Rifugio Vajolet  Food Restaurant
Period May-Oct    

New Zealand

Tiritiri Matangi island

A real must go, the perfect place to go to overcome jet-lag in the most constructive way ever: look for kiwis at night, enjoy a magnificent morning choir, enjoy short walks, learn about New Zealand birds and test all your hiking gear, relax on the beach, stay in a DoC bunkhouse...

Just a short ferry ride from Auckland, this amazing bird sanctuary is a pure magical place that your children and yourself will never forget, also a real life lesson of the power that community-based initiative can do.

Read more about it and find useful links to plan your trip in our blog post.

Moerangi track

      3 days, 2 nights in un-serviced huts, 35 km.


The hike, located within the Whirinaki Te Pua-a-Tane Conservation Park, evolves along rivers, creeks, often it is excavated on steep sides on the mountains. You will be amazed by the old forests  (trees up to 1000 years old) and if you like birds, you will see numerous native birds, including kiwis (good chances of seeing them close to the huts), and the whio/blue duck (see the 10 dollars note).

A wonderful retreat for those seeking remote places away from crowded paths.


Inspire us with your tales! Looking forward to hearing from you!