Get ready!


Ready! Steady! Go!!!

Well, it is not always that easy with a little kid... 

Here are some ideas on how to prepare for a hike and how to plan it in a way that is fun, enjoyable and safe for all team-members. Prepare, plan, and enjoy the outdoors!


Prepare yourself physically and also mentally to be out in the nature with your little one. Understand your and your baby´s limits, as well as your groups. Tips to expand your zone of comfort.


Find your route, evaluate it and share it with your group. Also a list of useful links to online tools to help you with the planning.


Sometimes it is just too cold, too hot, raining, so much to do in the house... Sometimes it is just hard to get motivated to take your child out in nature. If you are missing motivation right now, here some of our favorite quotes to help you get going!

(Something magical happened... as I became more and more determinated to go hiking, daddy decided to join too!)  


We are always happy to hear from you! How do you prepare, plan and motivate yourself and your kid to go out? Let us know and become a contributor today! Let's help each other, let's learn from each other!