In the right conditions you can be naked in a forest and have fun. However equipment helps you to change up a  gear and enjoy things, even when conditions aren't perfect.

It is  easier to find appropriate mountain "stuff" for moms and babies when you know what to look for, so here you will find a little description of that we found. 


Find information about:

  • Baby's carriers
  • Pack-lists
  • Tipps and tricks
  • Long distance hiking
  • Sleeping out 

The fourth trimester

The first 3 months of life are very special for both the baby and the new mom. As the mom learns to like with a "new body, new identity", the baby is learning to live in a new environment, with sunlight, air and changing temperature. 

Being aware of all these changes will help you to prepare better for your first hikes. 


Hiking with infant

Hiking with an infant is easier than you may think. Many studies shows the benefits of baby carrying, and your baby will be happy anywhere you go, as long as he/she can rest, eat, keep warm and be changed. Same as at home, with with beautiful landscapes around you, rather than your home´s walls. 

Learn more about hiking with infants here.

Hiking with toddlers

A toddlers brings a new dimension to your hikes: you need to consider the substantial child's extra weight when carried, and his/her own desire to walk and explore the world this his/her own legs.

Hiking with a toddler is slow, but a truly amazing experience!

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Photo: in the background (to the right) Rifugio Vajolet and Rifugio Preuss. Raffa was 6 weeks old and I wanted to do something safe, easy, yet still spectacular. On the way to the rifugio (2243 a.s.l.) we were hit by a passing storm, but I did not want my baby to get wet even with a drop of water. We ran back to the previous rifugio and waited for the storm to pass. I bought this colorful umbrella as a backup. It was also useful to shelter Raffa from the sun.