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The experienced mom with knowledge to share

There are some amazing (in my opinion) women out there comfortably and safely taking their kids out in nature.

They found their own way to carry and engage their kids during their hikes; they use different kind of gear; they live all over the world.  We created this platform to collect their experience so that they could be of inspiration to others. So, if you are one of these moms, please reach out to us and tell us your story!


The new mom looking for ideas and inspiration

That was me. Pregnant. Sick. Dreaming of going back hiking in the mountains, but totally clueless on how to do that with an infant. So, together with Stephany, which was my inspiration, we started collection ideas on how to go hiking or backpacking with infants and toddlers and decided to share what we learned on this website. We hope you will find the answers to your questions, motivation and new tools to explore nature more comfortable and safely with your new baby. If you don't find what you are looking for, please let us know... maybe there is mom out there that has the answer! ;-)


Stéphanie and Barbara have 3 main things in common: the love for the mountains, a child, and a longing for adventures.

They both share the challenge of "hiking without a sherpa" that is, without somebody that could help bringing the extra weight (although help is always welcome, it shouldn't be a limiting factor).

As their babies were born, they (same as many first time moms!) felt clueless on how to share their passion for the outdoors with their little ones. In Backpackingmoms they share what they learned so far, providing an open platform where any mother and father are welcome to share their own experiences as well. 

 Barbara is a geographically untidy oceanographer, and since 2010 she has been focusing on climate change in the alpine environment and environmental education and she is currently working in the university of Bayreuth, Biogeography. 

Backpacking in nature is her recharging escape, and she so happy to share it with her son and her dog Zoe.

Syro was born in July 2018. He is a friendly smily boy, as long as he sleeps enough... he likes drinking lots of milk, sleeping in the baby carrier and playing peek-a-boo. He loves walking in the forest and look at the play of light and shade the leaves offer.

Stéphanie is a proud mother of two little boys. Always up for new challenge, she moved from Switzerland to the Carnic Alps, striving for a simpler life in harmony with nature. When she's not focusing on Energy self-sufficiency, sustainability and or soft mobility, she loves playing with horses and her best "doggy" friend Aron. 

Max was borne in winter 2016. He is a high spirited and lively boy, always looking for new playmates and exiting outdoor adventures. He loves to participate fully in all the tasks of daily life, acting like "a big boy in a big world".

Vinz was borne in summer 2019. He is always very patient and cooperative. It's an amazing how well he has become integrated in our family and in our hiking team. 


BackpackingMoms is a passion and we are deeply thankful to our sponsors that invited us to try their products (as we may not have the resources to buy them). Please meet our sponsors and visit them! ;-) 

Shoulder baby carrier

There is more than the foot carrier or the backpack! With MiniMeis you can strap your child on your shoulder and move around hands-free!

I found it great for short walks in everyday activities, like going shopping, walk the dog, going to mensa... Rascal clearly loved his privileged position, which means I did not have to rush during these activities...

I found particularly useful in the university, it closes compact and it is light, you can so easily and descreetly take it with you anywhere.



SARDINIA, ITALY                      Trekking with donkeys

As we faced the challenge of carrying the extra weight, we decided to try out the trekking with the donkey for a day. DoDonkey kindly invited us in their farm and gifted us with an amazing experience. The added value to this experience came from the passion and the knowledge behind the whole project. During our hike we learned so much about history, ecology and geology from our guide, that it was like visiting an outdoor museum. If you are heading to Sardinia, Italy, this place is a MUST GO.