“The love and respect for nature starts at home”

Our own solutions for a lower-impact lifestyle at home, room by room. 


No polyester in your bed!

Polyester is a man-made fibre derived from coal, air, water and petroleum. Every time you wash something with polyester in it, you contribute to micro plastic pollution.

But what really convinced me to make the change, was the TOXICITY of this material.

While I am ok wearing some polyester during the day, polyester is an absolute NO in bed (starting from the pillow, where your head rest for about 1/3 of the day!). And it is an ABSOLUTE NO for my little baby, so little, yet growing so fast.


So, what is the solution?

Natural wool is breathable, wicks moisture away, it helps regulate your body temperature, it is not toxic!

I was so lucky to come across ZIZZZ in one of my hikes in Austria, and I would like to recommend it to you.

Produced in Europe with wool from the Swiss Alps, this company has a special attention for the environment that we appreciated and wanted to support.

In their website you will find heathy items for you and your baby, including:

  • baby-sleeping bags
  • confort dolls
  • pijamas
  • bio-duck down duvets 
  • duvets with swiss-wool filling
  • duck-down pillows


Where I live, plastic is thrown in special "yellow-bags", which you leave outside your gate for collection once a month. I was amazed how much plastic our household produced in just one month and I started a quest to reduce our plastic production the most. 

Here little success stories:

Mesh nets to buy your fruit and vegetables

Most plastic just comes from packaging at the supermarket. Nothing more stupid, for just a 10 minute drive at home. 

I only buy fruits and vegetable that I come without packaging, and use reusable mesh bags.

You can buy these bags easily on amazon or often at the supermarket.

Bee-wax wrap

Instead then plastic or aluminium foil. It shapes around containers and it is great to wrap food in it.

It is breathable and allows the food to stay fresh longer. Unless positives, and it also be used during an emergency as a fire starter!