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Environmental education

for children

Where, when and how do you start “environmental education” with your children? One answer could be: Here, now and just go outside! 

Learn about Coyote teaching, CIPRA international and the importance of letting your kids learn about the environment...

Puddle Parenting on

Child-led hikes

Led by Jenn, Irene and Kelly, Puddle Parenting is all about embracing the joyful mess of growing children outdoors. The 3 moms run an Instagram account encouraging other moms go outside.

The share tips, tricks and the research (complemented with scientific references!!!) behind kids playing outside.

In this blog post, they describe the science and the benefits of child-led hikes. Curious? Don't forget to follow them in Instagram and read this interesting blog post!! 

A single mom & the outdoors

As Melissa was approaching single-mom-hood, she was (understandably!) terrified, worried she would have to give up for her love for the outdoors.

In her personal blog, she talks about her struggles and how she found a balance between her old-passions for the outdoors and her new parent life. 


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