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Since we started on this project, we met amazing women that inspired us, and we hope they may inspire you too. Here, what they have to share...


A hiking Hungarian in scenic Sweden

Erika´s parents took her on many hiking adventures, despite the fact that outdoor gear was extremely hard to find, growing up in the comunist dictatorship of Romania. 

After she moved to Sweden, a country with a long tradition of outdoor life, she rediscovered her passion for the outdoors while studying to be a teacher.

As she became a mother, she felt the responsibility of showing her son the wonders of the world: he is her inspiration that pushes her to explore even more and the outdoors is the place where they can both recharge or release the excess of energy.


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Great ideas to start being outside!

 Crafts, simple backyard play ideas, outdoor learning activities, free printable and some tips and tricks learned along the way. Audrey genuinely and warmly describes the motivation behind her work:

So many of my cherished childhood memories are of playing outside, (...) but as I had my firstborn, we were living in an apartment in a pretty industrial city (…) and I realized that I was going to have to get creative to give my son the same outdoor opportunities that were so readily available to me as a kid.

There are a lot of reasons for going outdoor can be difficult to overcome: lack of time, or safe play space, or just not knowing what to do or where to begin in the first place. 

The goal of the blog is to help other people find whatever they need in order to get their kids outside!


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The Italian mom

promoting hiking with babies

La missione di Veronica: aiutare giovani famiglie ad uscire in natura con il loro bebe´! (post in italiano e inglese).


"Here in Southern Italy is really rare to see adults hiking with their babies (...). When people see outdoor clothing combined with baby wraps, baby carriers or backpacks, they immediately think of foreigners on vacation."


Veronica is on a mission: she wants to bring some light on the many rumours, an old mentality, urban legends, that discourage new parents to go hiking with their babies in Southern Italy. (Post in Italian and English).


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Finding motivation &

1000 hours outside: a Welsh story

„If being outside has such a positive impact on me then it can only be good for my baby too?“ 


Nikki warmly describes how she kept the motivation to being amongst nature together with her newborn daughter, despite advices to take it easy and the uncertainty that current pandemic brought. 

She found a win-win situation when she joined the “1000 hours outside” project: she was reassured that with some effort she could maintain her outdoors lifestyle while providing important and enlightening experiences for her new baby.


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Hiking in winter:

the alaskan approach

How does a mother dress her babies to face winter in Alaska? Emily from @emily.pereira drives us, step by step, to the her solution to enjoy the outdoors even in the colder temperature! "If you wait for the weather to be perfect you would never get outside. Instead of letting the weather control our lives we simple dress for the weather."


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Environmental education

for children

Where, when and how do you start “environmental education” with your children? One answer could be: Here, now and just go outside! 

Learn about Coyote teaching, CIPRA international and the importance of letting your kids learn about the environment...


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Puddle Parenting on

Child-led hikes

Led by Jenn, Irene and Kelly, Puddle Parenting is all about embracing the joyful mess of growing children outdoors. The 3 moms run an Instagram account encouraging other moms go outside.

The share tips, tricks and the research (complemented with scientific references!!!) behind kids playing outside.

In this blog post, they describe the science and the benefits of child-led hikes. Curious? Don't forget to follow them in Instagram and read this interesting blog post!! 


A single mom & the outdoors

As Melissa was approaching single-mom-hood, she was (understandably!) terrified, worried she would have to give up for her love for the outdoors.

In her personal blog, she talks about her struggles and how she found a balance between her old-passions for the outdoors and her new parent life. 


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